Something About Kindness

With the word ‘kind’ featuring within CounsellingKind’s brand name, it makes sense for our first blogpost to focus on kindness. 
In case you’re wondering, the word kind is prominent in our name because CounsellingKind wants to encourage people to seek mental health support when it’s required; and should you choose CounsellingKind, please be assured that we treat everyone with professionalism and kindness. 
When thinking about kindness there are two main aspects to consider. These include being kind to others, and being kind to yourself. Further information around each of these areas is below:
This is crucial because we never really know what challenges other people are facing, so it makes sense to be kind as a general rule of thumb. A further benefit of being kind to another person, is that this person is more likely to be kind to someone else, and they’ll hopefully feel more inclined to be kind to the next person, and so on. This creates a wonderful ripple effect of kindness that keeps on giving as the ripple expands outwards.
Unfortunately, we can all be our own worst enemy at times, particularly when it comes to self critical thinking.  For example, take a moment to consider how you talk to yourself, and assess whether your inner voice is more ‘self critical’ (ie harsh), or more ‘self compassionate’ (ie kind). Why not try substituting ‘self critical’ thinking with ‘self compassionate’ thinking for the day? Good luck, and remember that the more you practice this, the easier it becomes. 
With World Kindness Day fast approaching on Wednesday 13th November 2019 – this is your invitation to consider how you can make the day meaningful.
•Start by identifying whether you want to be kind to yourself, kind to others, or perhaps both
•Then, establish the resources you have available. For example, can you use money to buy something as an act of kindness? If not, perhaps you can give up some of your time to make a difference through volunteering or donating unwanted goods…
•Lastly, pledge to yourself an act of kindness that you intend to complete on World Kindness Day. Feel free to use CounsellingKind’s 10 top tips for kindness to guide you:
1️⃣Smile at a stranger 
2️⃣Donate an unwanted coat to a homeless charity
3️⃣Take some ‘me time’ (eg meditate)
4️⃣Send someone a thank you note or write a positive online review
5️⃣Clean the house, or car, for your family members to enjoy 
6️⃣Sponsor a colleague for a fundraising challenge
7️⃣Phone or visit a friend
8️⃣Let someone go ahead of you in the queue
9️⃣Feed the birds 
🔟Remind yourself regularly that “you’re enough, and you’re doing the best you can”

Have a fantastic World Kindness Day and let me know what ripples of kindness you release into the world. 

Best wishes,

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